Luggage / Passenger Drop-Off

When Arriving

For passenger safety, security, and convenience, please proceed directly to the Texas cruise ship terminals on Galveston Island (terminals 1 and 2) to drop off passengers and baggage. Porters will assist you with your baggage, and police officers will direct drivers to the appropriate parking lot for that day. All official Port of Galveston parking lots are secure and patrolled 24 hours a day by the Port's Police Department. Free shuttle buses provide transportation from official Port parking lots to the cruise terminals.

Luggage drop-off at parking lots is provided on a limited basis unless indicated on parking lot signage. For faster service, drop off luggage and passengers at the terminal first.

When Returning

When returning, passengers can either:
  • Retrieve their vehicles and pick up their companions and luggage at the loading area
  • Take their luggage and companions to the parking lots to get their vehicles

The Port of Galveston provides both luggage and non-luggage shuttles for passenger convenience.


The area adjacent to the cruise terminal is for loading and unloading only. For passenger convenience, baggage and luggage should be unloaded at the terminal's curb prior to parking.


There is a high demand for taxi cabs during peak debarkation hours. At times, taxis may not be readily available. Please be patient and prepared to wait as other taxi cabs return to the cruise terminals throughout the debarkation morning rush. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!