Form #1 (Port ID Application)

Form #2 (Application for TWIC Escort Privileges)

Form #3 (SSI)

Port Employees 

Employees of a Company operating under a Lease Agreement, Operation Agreement, Operating or Terminal Agreement, or Concession Agreement with the Port of Galveston. 

Employees of a Company operating under an authorized Port of Galveston User or Stevedore License 

International Longshoremen’s Association 


Steamship Agents 

Note: All ID’s are valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance. Expiration date on ID must reflect this.

Guidelines for Access Levels (Cruise Terminals & Public Access):
All Access (blue)
Limited Access (red)
No Access (white)
Public Access (green)
All ID’s will be issued sequentially.
ID’s issued for highest level of access needed.
One ID per person (ID will list all individual’s employers by abbreviation).

Requirements for Issuance of Permanent Port Id (Contractors, Vendors, Others):
Length of job: More than 1 month but less than 6 months must be authorized by the Lieutenant, Captain, Chief or FSO. 

Expiration date will depend on length of job. 

Tenant must notify Port PD upon contractor’s completion of job. 

Twic Escort Id:
When TWIC Escorting privileges expire a new Escort application must be completed and submitted. If sponsoring party relieves individual of Escort duties, a new Escort application must be completed and submitted.

Temporary & Case-by-Case Id:
Less than 1 month or any other special request for Permanent Port ID must be requested through the Lieutenant, Captain, Chief or FSO in writing.

Port Id for Public Access Area Lessee Employees:
A permanent Port ID may be issued to tenant's employees whom are employed in Public Access Areas of the Port. This Port ID is not authorized for gaining access to regulated or restricted areas of the Port. This ID shall reflect Public Access Only.

Requirements From Tenants: 

Verification of Employment 

Updated Employee listing quarterly 

Tenants must submit a list of all regularly used contractors and vendors 

Tenant is required to return ID if employee quits, is terminated, or is relieved of Escort duties and must notify Port PD immediately of employee’s departure. 

Lost/Stolen/Damaged ID'S:
If a replacement ID is needed prior the expiration date a $10.00 fee will be assessed and a new ID will be issued (expiration date will not change). If the ID is within one (1) month of the expiration date, the fee may be waived.