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Minimum Security Requirements
  • Port of Galveston is currently at MARSEC Level 1.
  • Port of Galveston's Facility Security Officer is Officer Brett B Milutin, FSO / Assistant Harbormaster.
  • Port of Galveston's Alternate Facility Security Officer is Robert V Pierce, Chief of Police.
  • Port of Galveston's Alternate Facility Security Officer is Ric R Ostermayer, Lieutenant.
  • Port of Galveston has the right to deny entry to anyone.
  • Access to facility shall be treated as border search & constitues consent to search all vehicles and persons.  Person(s) refusing to such searches will be denied access.
  • All that enter this facility must possess an approved valid picture ID.
  • Person(s) requesting un-escorted access must possess a valid TWIC. An approved TWIC Escort must escort all non-TWIC holders.
  • ID’s consist of pictured State Driver’s License, Government ID, Seaman Card, Military, Federal, State or Local Government cards, Port ID’s.
  • NO weapons, firearms, alcohol or illicit drugs allowed on facility.
  • No unauthorized boarding of vessels.
  • No unauthorized access to any area designated as “SECURED” or “RESTRICTED”.
  • No unauthorized parking on dock apron or next to or between cargos.
  • All entries are logged by time, name, tag #, destination, TWIC/Escort status and authorization.
  • All cargo and vessel stores entering the Port must have supporting documentation.
  • Everyone has a civic duty to report suspicious persons and activity (e.g. anyone not adhering to the policy outlined on this document) to Port Police at 409-766-6176 if considered life threatening contact 911.
  • Our levels of alert are identified by U. S. Coast Guard MARSEC Levels, identified by:
    • Level 1 – Normal daily security measures taken.
    • Level 2 – Heightened threat of an unlawful act against a Port or  Vessel.
    • Level 3 – The threat is probable or imminent, possible temporary closure.
  • Screening measures of personnel, vehicles, cargo, and deliveries will be conducted in accordance with existing MARSEC Level and in accordance with the Ports Facility Security Plan.
  • All traffic and safety signs in Port must be obeyed at all times.
  • Only authorized personnel and parking are permitted in Port warehouses.
  • Port of Galveston Police patrols this facility.
  • Any and all questions must be directed to Port Police 409-766-6176.
  • To become an Approved TWIC Escort additional training is required per 33 CFR 105.215.